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09 Sierra 1500 and an old plow = ?

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by mrspiffy, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. mrspiffy

    mrspiffy Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    Hello ,

    Just wondering how big of a hassle it would be to mount an older plow on my new sierra. I know mounts change and such but i'm wondering about wiring and all that good stuff?
    Just curious of it would even be worth trying to put an older plow onto the new truck because I don't want to massacre the thing.:dizzy:
    We could use an older fisher for an example if that works.

  2. naturalgreen

    naturalgreen Senior Member
    Messages: 404

    I only know meyers but it takes new light wiring harness/relay and a way diff plow mount for the new sierras.
    they have a way different front end than all my older trucks.
  3. Sydenstricker Landscaping

    Sydenstricker Landscaping PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,882

    Actually the fronts did not change much from the GMT 800 (99-07 classic) to the GMT 900 (07-current). I know on the Meyer plow mount selector my old tubular style mount from my 00 2500 would go right on a 09 2500HD. Check the your plow manufacturers site and see if they have a swap chart. That would answer all of your questions 100% But you would for sure need a new wiring harness though
  4. 91AK250

    91AK250 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,657

    the 2500s mounts stayed mostly the same. but the 1500s did change a good bit atleast for boss i would assume others also?
  5. mrspiffy

    mrspiffy Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    Thanks for the replies.
    I thought I was going to have to a lot of frigging around with everything .. I'll get some dealer info and see what the deal is.
  6. naturalgreen

    naturalgreen Senior Member
    Messages: 404

    1500 has coil over shock now that is way diff
    2500 still same