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07 silverado duramax 2500hd

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by fishinutah, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. fishinutah

    fishinutah Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    just wondering what kind of damage i will do to my truck when plowing ,i just installed a 8 1/2' plow on my truck guys tell me im crazy i should have put it on a junk truck becouse i will ruin my new truck .any advice from anyone would be help full if i need to do anything to my truck suspension wise. it looks great on there just worried now what kind of damage i will do to it . thanks Dave
  2. sparky8370

    sparky8370 Senior Member
    Messages: 234

    Well, the time to wonder has passed. But I have an 01 and haven't done any plow specific damage to it. But I just do a few drives for myself and my family.
  3. JD Dave

    JD Dave PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,194

    Take the plow off when not plowing and take it easy and you will be fine. New trucks will actually hold a plow better then a old truck, plus I find the new trucks stand up better to abuse. JMO
  4. ChevKid03

    ChevKid03 Senior Member
    Messages: 505

    Got an 07 Duramax as well my friend... I use it for EVERYTHING.... It tows 5 days a week, plows in the winter, and takes me and my lady to breakfast every sunday morning. Take care of it, take it easy, treat it good and you won't be having issues. goodluck.
  5. mkwl

    mkwl 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,362

    Yep- just don't beat on it and you'll be fine- be smart while plowing- don't slam into frozen piles at 20 miles an hour, wait to shift until totally stopped, things like that and you'll be fine.

    Also taking the plow off when you're not using it helps too- as soon as my plowing route is done the plow comes off. The MM is so easy to take on/off anyway so there's really no excuse...ussmileyflag
  6. fishinutah

    fishinutah Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    :waving: thanks for ur guys input i feel better now i take care of my truck maintenance etc.i also use my truck for everything from towing a dump trailer everyday to a fith wheel on the weekends now plowing in the winter.it has been the best truck i have owned.thanks again dave
  7. mow 4 u

    mow 4 u Member
    Messages: 42

    07 c/c d/a

    Bought a 07 new body style crew cab.Duramax with the allison auto. Am going into my 3rd season plowing, run a Boss 9.2 with wings (11 ft.). Put timbrens on the front and back also run about 2000 lbs. of salt in back. Snow-ex 1875 on the back, take it easy, you'll be ok.. Great trucks..........