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05 Mount for a Meyers HELP!

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by fieldday, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. fieldday

    fieldday Junior Member
    from Wi
    Messages: 10

    What it the part Number for an 05 Meyers mount for a F350???
    EZ Mount old style with the tubes that slide in.

    I believe the dealer installed one for an 04 and really cobbled it up...

    Is there a difference in the two, or do they have to make them fit in the new front end???

    I stopped the check to the dealer.
    They did a hack job cutting away the mount to make the anti-sway bar fit in.
  2. Plow Mount


    The Fisher mount for the 2005 F-250 & 350 are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the 99-2004 mount. The 2005 truck has coil springs and a differently shaped frame. I would assume that Meyers also has a new style mount for the 2005.

    *** RON ***