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05 f250 falling apart

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by finnegan, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. finnegan

    finnegan Senior Member
    Messages: 313

    heard a few noises in the front end -dealer says bring it in --on the way there a u-joint on the four whell drive actually fell out and i watched it skip down the road behind me ---not cool at all:realmad:
  2. Focker

    Focker Member
    Messages: 31

    Nice!...I dont know if you read my thread about my POS 06, but this makes me feel even better!
  3. finnegan

    finnegan Senior Member
    Messages: 313

    now west herr ford is holding my plow truck hostage so they can check it over because thats never happened before --what ******** --that was the last time i do buisness with them:realmad:
  4. Jakkle5

    Jakkle5 Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 39

    U Joints should be done every year if you plow. If not every year atleast every 2 years. Plows take a huge toll on the front end.
  5. finnegan

    finnegan Senior Member
    Messages: 313

    had it in to the dealer twice for noise in the front end and wheel hop in 4wd in the snow --and they told me i was nuts and that all 4wd trucks do that.....:mad: