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04 vibration

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by 4speed, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. 4speed

    4speed Member
    Messages: 93

    Starting at about 68 mph I get a vibration (I hear it rather than feel it)It gets worse as speed increases. It's not a tire because it stops when coasting,resumes when decelerating.Also does'nt seem to be from the engine because it does'nt happen in a lower gear at the same rpm. Has anybody else have a problem like this? Truck is an 04 2500hd ext cab 6.0 auto. By the way, I love this site. Thank you
  2. thunderace4

    thunderace4 Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    2500 vibrate

    Check the drive shafts, if they are out of balance or the u-joints are bad or loose that can cause the problem. Let us know what the problem was. Good luck
  3. Dave in Pa.

    Dave in Pa. Junior Member
    Messages: 18

    I would tend to agree with the above! I have almost the same truck & it is smooth as silk. Years ago I had a "front end vibration" in my 57 Chevy that started at around 55 mph and one nite got mad enough to keep my foot in it; at around 90 mph or so the REAR universal let go! Ha! Would have sworn it was in the front end! Get the dealer to check it!! Good Luck, Dave
  4. 4speed

    4speed Member
    Messages: 93

    Thank you for the replies guys. I just returned from the dealer and was told they couldn't replicate the problem, and there were no service bulletins either. I guess I'll wait to see if it gets any worse and the next time I'm in for service I'll make sure to take one of them for a ride with me. Thanks again.
  5. danS

    danS Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    I have the identical '04 and runs/drives well. Can you put the truck on jack stands or a lift and use a dial indicator to check how true the shafts are?

    CARDOCTOR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,312

    have a dodge 3/4 ram does the same thing dealer could never
    replicate the problem
    i just ignore it