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04 F150 leveling kit....

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by mreamer, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. mreamer

    mreamer Member
    Messages: 86

    I'm thinking of adding a 2.5" leveling kit to the front end. With the kit installed, will a set of timbrens be useless? I don't have a plow installed yet, so I don't know how much it will drop with the blade raised. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. RacingZR

    RacingZR Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 400

    If you tow much of anything with your 1/2 ton, think twice. I had a 2" leveling kit on my 1/2 ton and it looked a lot better with the nose up and the truck level. But towing heavier loads or having even just 500 lbs. in the bed gave it bad rear end sag which is worse than front end sag. So before you buy a leveling kit, consider what you need/want it for and how you use your truck. They throw off the balance in a half ton IMO so if you do much towing I would just stick with Timbrens.
  3. piperpm

    piperpm Member
    Messages: 39

    We just run Timbrens in the front end and ballast weight in the back (probably about 300-400lbs.) I am thinking of adding a leaf to the rear end for extra weight load especially for the summer when we are hauling soil/mulch and pulling the landscape trailer. If anybody knows of a good place to get rear end leaf kits for an f-150 let me know.
  4. smoore45

    smoore45 Senior Member
    Messages: 526

    I believe they make two different leveling kits a 2" and 2.5"(I think mine was called a 1 7/8"). Get the shorter of the two as it will be easier on the front end and won't change the geometry as drastically. I have been happy with it for both appearance and function. Not to hard to install and make sure you get the front end aligned after.
  5. Elite Property Services

    Elite Property Services Senior Member
    Messages: 230

    I ran the daystar 2" leveling kit on my 2004 F150 w/ 285 BFG M/T. It looked alot better but within 40K the front end was pretty much destroyed (wheel bearings,upper ball joint and some other stuff) those front ends are not built to take abuse IMO. If I did it again I wouldn't go the same route.
  6. FisherVMan

    FisherVMan Senior Member
    Messages: 706

    Why not get the correct springs and forget leveling kits?

    Just a thought but you may want to consider just a spring upgrade ??? I think Standard F150 springs with 3600 GVW front axle rating was code TM. You can add 300lbs to that by replacing them with FX4 springs that are rated at 3900GVW ????? I think I had the part #s around here somewhere for a couple of spring options. One was from the "heavy duty half ton" package that was a whooping 7700 GVW package they offered that actually had 7 lug wheels!
    Of course a progessive spring would be the real answer so that it only comes into play when the plow is on the truck. Just some food for thought. ussmileyflag