04 auto hub troubles

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by WOODY367, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. WOODY367

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    Well my 04 F250 has autom hubs. After the lasr storm they do not work. If it manually lock the hibs it fine but NG in auto. Looked to see if I broke one of the vacuam lines for the hubs but all looks good. What to look for?
  2. snoway63

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    I have the same problem on my 05 f350,try looking under the hood for a vaccuum solenoid on the passenger side by the battery, theres a vaccuum canister there and the solenoid is on top. you cant miss it it has two vac lines comming from it.. I know when i get ice build up under the truck mine works so i believe i have a broken line somwhere even though i couldnt find one.
    Let me know how you make out
  3. hydro_37

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    get a vacuum guage and start testing to find the leak
  4. Chipper

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    Just change the lockout hubs to manual type from Warn or Milemarker. I wouldn't waste any time trying to trouble shoot for a vacuum leak. Couple hundred bucks or less and a hours labor. Then you will NEVER have to worry about them again.............. Best part is you will KNOW that the hubs are locked or unlocked and not hanging up wearing out your front end and wasting fuel.
  5. doubleedge

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    His truck is equipped with manually locking hubs already in addition to the automatic system. The manual lock is just a backup in case the auto system fails.
  6. Jewell1386

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    same issue on my 04 for a wopping 400 bucks ford can get you the part as for me I have been locking my hubs in for 2 years now. Put one of these pumps on my old bosses truck one year and a plow season later he needed a new one.
  7. plowin-fire

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    $400? I just replaced the seals in mine and cost me $90 in parts. Works great now. Did the labor myself.
  8. Jewell1386

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    Accordint o ford that is what that little thing cost if you can send me the part numbers and I may try to rebuild versus buying new
  9. plowin-fire

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    I misread the 2004 part. My 2000 is a different setup. You can get a freewheeling hub rebuild kit P/N: 4C3Z1K106AA. Cost is less than $20. New hubs are $300 a piece.
  10. Jewell1386

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    Ya 04 is a diff vacum setup on of those things ford needa to take care of
  11. OP

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    Thanks guys for all the help. I haven't had a chance to look at thisyet. Messed my leg up and on crutchs. Will be a little while before I can do this. Mean while just have the hubs lock. I did take a quick look under the hood for the vacuam T fitting. Is it right by the batt? There is a T with a wire. Anyone have a photo to show me?
  12. mreamer

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    The 04 has what's called an IWE (integrated wheel end). It locks the hub in when the vacuum is not present. My passenger side has been replaced and the fricken driver's side died recently too. It's about a $120 part from Ford, which takes a couple hours or less to change. I would like to dump this unreliable setup and go to manual lockers.
  13. Pinky Demon

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    Is this a Super Duty truck or a 150?