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03 Ford F250 4X4 issues

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by james.j.smith, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. james.j.smith

    james.j.smith Senior Member
    from 19033
    Messages: 145

    I have a 2003 F250 6.0L powerstroke with a snoway series 25 8’ plow. I’m having some issues with my 4X4 in the truck. A couple weeks ago my 4x4 quite working and I have no indication on the dash. I put it into the ford dealer and the 4x4 module was replaced. I’m told that this is the computer module that controls the 4X4. Once this was replaced I was getting the indication again. This past storm I plowed with 4X4 for 13 hours with no issue. Once I got home the truck sat for several hours and when I ran out later that evening I had no indication on the dash for 4X4. The next day I unplugged the connectors to the module and I got an indication again and had 4X4 for that whole day the truck then sat for a day. Today I disconnected the plow and again have no indication. I tried unplugging the connectors to the module and this time I had no luck in regain my 4X4. The module that I’m referring to is behind the glove box. Does anyone know the correct term for this module?

    What I plan to do is redo the grounds on my plow wiring they are all connected to the battery and I was going to ground them to the chassis. The wiring schematic for the plow does indicate that the grounds are supposed to be on the battery but I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything and could possibly be better if they’re are grounded to the truck frame. Once I do this I am going to drop it off to ford. I have no warranty on this truck and was wondering if anyone had any insight before I went to the dealer?