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03 2500hd leans!!!

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by NY_plow_guy, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. NY_plow_guy

    NY_plow_guy Junior Member
    from CNY
    Messages: 26

    Hi, well i seem to have an issue with my 03 2500hd. When i look at it on flat ground form the front it seems to lean to to left (on the driver's side). I understand that the fuel tank and all that good stuff is on that side but i don't see any other truck lean like that. It is between 1-2 inches on both the front and back. You can tell the rear springs even look different form side to side. and no there is no broken springs, I have looked. it is even more noticeable on the front end when i hook up my snow plow that you can really tell it leans. the torsion bars are set the same and it has timbrens on the front end. so does anyone have any ideas or reasons for all of this. what about ideas to fix this? there are a few ways i could go. A SAS but i don't have the time or the money right now for that. I could install new heavier torsion bars up front and new springs in the rear but cost may be an issue. the last way would be Firestone air over shocks for the front end for right now to at least get me through the winter for right now. With them i could air up with the plow and let it down some without the plow and maybe add the rear air springs with and auto leveling system this spring/summer. what is everyone thoughts?

    thanks Austin
  2. KingDuramax

    KingDuramax Senior Member
    Messages: 226

    I have heard of the torsion bars weakening. Ussually the driver side goes first since there is more ften than not a person on that side. That may be your issue.