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02 Chevy- overheating- fan clutch

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by turbo5560, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. turbo5560

    turbo5560 Senior Member
    Messages: 285

    so for the first time i took the plow for a little drive.... longer then the normal route. I got up to about 60-65 and the truck warmed up to about 235 degrees. The plow was in the v-position with the plow all the way up.
    I have seen on here that the fan clutch probably needs to be replaced. Is that the case? If so, I was told about getting the heavier duty one. But i looked on Napa website and they only had one kind.
    It's for an 02 chevy 3/4 HD, with the 6.0 liter gas. Any help would be appreciated. Truck has just over 70,000 miles and so it might just be wearing out. But i want something better then stock.
    Also, i was just looking on autozone and advance auto websites and there is heavy duty, premium extreme, and so on.... what one is the best?
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2007
  2. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    Search for "fan clutch" here in the Chevy forum. All the info you need is here..including the p/n for the Plow prep fan clutch..
  3. 'Rude Dog

    'Rude Dog Member
    Messages: 56

    fan clutch...

    Running 60 to 65 mph is probably running too fast with a large plow on the front of your truck ( I believe, if I'm not mistaken , that Meyer recomends 55 mph as top speed with the plow mounted- I also had issues with a '93 k2500, and also thought it was the fan clutch- I worked around this by : keeping my speed to a max of 60 mph, and making SURE that I kept the truck OUT of overdrive!!! found that my temp droped back down to 185 degrees, the downside is you run a little higher rpms, but that keeps the fan clutch engaged, which helps with air flow, offsetting what is being blocked by the plow, plus the fact , that , just by its' nature, overdrive is what it is: reduction of engine rpm ( typ 1:1 , or lower ) !!! 'Rude Dog
  4. salsterboy

    salsterboy Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    I have an 02 3500 dump and a 05 2500 HD. I replaced both fan clutches because i was having problems every year when the plow was on. I went to auto zone and got the extreme duty fan clutch for 59.00, the other one was listed at 69.00. I havent had a problem since, you can actually here it kick on now all the time when the truck would normally start to heat up.