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02 Blazer

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by jrm123180, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. jrm123180

    jrm123180 Senior Member
    Messages: 156

    Is the 02 Blazer a decent vehicle? I'm looking at purchasing one tomorrow (Monday) and i'm not sure how I feel about them. I like this particular vehicle, and have driven a few of them to compare, I'm just not sure about the blazer in general. This one has about 46k in mileage. Thanks for ur input.

  2. ljrce

    ljrce Senior Member
    Messages: 181


    :yow!: if its a s10 blazer the 4 wheel drive likes to go out on them but its easy fixes when it does if your going to bedoing any towing or anyplowing i would have a tranny cooler if it has a 4.3 v6 u will be able to at leats get 175,000 miles out of it easy and watch out to for the rear main seals on the 4.3 they like to leak
  3. Bad Luck

    Bad Luck Senior Member
    Messages: 741

    4.3 solid proven motor.

    My old man used to build those things at the Linden plant.
  4. ljrce

    ljrce Senior Member
    Messages: 181

    they are a very solid motor nice and strong i have one in a 91 s10 blazer and havent had no major problems besides rear main seal leaking
  5. h_riderca

    h_riderca Member
    Messages: 68

    I have a 2001 s10 blazer with a blizzard 680 plow on it. I have not had any problems with it in the two years that I have used it.
  6. ljrce

    ljrce Senior Member
    Messages: 181

    how does it handle plowing i was thinking about putting one on my 91 s10 blazer but dont know what to get i have a boss ,western,and snow-way with in 20 miles from my house what would be the bst choice
  7. h_riderca

    h_riderca Member
    Messages: 68

    I have no problem plowing residential driveways. I have plowed wet snow and also the snow banks after a street plow has gone by. I can even put the snow blower in the back. You just have to remember that it is not a heavy duty truck.
  8. Motoman69X@aol.com

    Motoman69X@aol.com Member
    Messages: 37


    02 Blazers are also known for bad front end parts at a an early milage, I seen some come into my shop with 40,000. and upper & lower ball joints, -Bad- also known for idler & pitman arms. If you are planning to do the majority of the the repairs yourself.. its not all that spendy, but in the shop just for the ball joints your looking at $800 dollars. So I would bring a jack and a buddy and check it over before buying. And as far as plowing ? Better go with a truck. the chassie is desined for on road and a little play here and there. But as far as working goes.. Well its that much harder on those front end parts $$