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02' 2500 HD A/C clutch problem

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by 99zr2, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. 99zr2

    99zr2 Senior Member
    Messages: 271

    Ok here is the scoop, the clutch on the a/c compressor was bad when I bought the truck. The baring for the pulley seized and the rubber bushing on the outer part of the clutch disintegrated, jammed into it's self. I didn't know that untill several months after I bought the truck. So recently I purchased a new clutch kit that included all the parts on the clutch even the magnet. Got the parts installed, the system worked for about 5 min. and stopped working. By this time I was fed up and left it alone, but before it quit I had put some gages on it. The low pressure side was extremely high at around 150 psi without the a/c running, and when it was running the pressure dropped to about 75 psi. The high side was somewere around 300 psi.
    So I brought it to the GMC dealer were I buy all my parts and asked them to take a look at it to see what was wrong with it. This is were the problems really started. After having the truck all day long they came up with that the magnet was causing the fuse to blow in the under hood fuse panel. I was ok with this diagnosis but when they told me that they don't know if they can warranty the part because I installed them I got very aggravated.
    After sometime on the phone with the ass.manager I talked him into lettin me take the parts off the truck and bring them to the dealership to test them. But when I got home I did some testing on my own. The old magnet tested at 4 ohms and so didn't the one on the truck. The next day I called them back with this info. The manager himself then talking to me went out and asked the mechanic that worked on the truck what he thought. I got an answer of the resistance kept changing as he pushed the outer part of the clutch that has the rubber in it, in and out. Then I asked him what does that mean, he replied we still don't know what is wrong and that I would Have to bring the truck down and for a fee of about $200 they would look at it agin.

    I am going crazy because I can't get any answers out of them as to what exactly is wrong , or if they are going to warranty any of this. I feel beside myself because I have been dealing with this dealership for about 13 years and they are treating me this way. Me nor anyone else in my family has had any problem in the past. Even my employer witch is my uncle that has about 25 out of 45 trucks bought and serviced there never had this much of a problem.:realmad: :angry:

    Any help as to what is wrong with this thing would be helpful.:confused: :help: