01 PSD smoking

:confused: this past saturday i filled my 2001 f450 PSD at the local EXXON, on monday i noticed the truck has a blueish smoke coming from the exhaust when im at a light or corner. the smoke is not continuous but seems to happen as the truck ideles down, no smoke during excelaration or at steady speeds. truck does not use oil also, this has me freaking the truck only has 1335 miles and treat like a member of my family. any ideas? TONY


Western CT
I beleive that Blueish smoke is usually oil. Do you let the truck idle before shutting down? This is a wise thing to do in order to protect the turbo. As for the smoke it is odd that it is at idle and not at acceleration.


General Grounds,

At 1300 mi your PSD is not anywhere near boken in. It takes about 5000 mi. You should not drive with too heavy of a foot for that period (I know it's hard not to;) ) Also vary the throttle periodicly in the break in period, speed up, slow down. This helps set the rings.

Blueish/white smoke is oil burning. Until the rings take a set, you will get some oil blow-by. Don't worry! And don't let it idle for more than 10 min without an AIC(auxillary idle control). The PSD does not generate enough heat at idle to expand the rings enough to stop the blow-by.

Now mine pours out black smoke (fuel), but thats because I've added 350 hp injectors and a high hp chip:eek:


John DiMartino

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I wouldnt worry about the smoke,as long as its running good,and isnt using much oil.I dont know about PSD's,but Cummins recommends that you run the engine normally,and loaded,hard running is recommended due to the Heavy duty construction,it enhances break in.A Cummins that doesnt tow can take up to 60K miles to fully break in,ones that are run hard,and pull are broken in by 20K miles,they usually run better than those that dont pull.I wouldnt baby the PSD at all during break in,I do this,during break in,carefully monitor fluid levels,and watch the guages for anything out of the ordinarly.Do not idle the engine for extended periods,this is bad ,especially during break in.Drive easy,and use light throttle until the engine is fully warmed up,then full thottle may be used,but not for extended periods,shorts burst of power,then letting up a re the best for break in.Do not lug the engine,or labor it,keep the RPM's up.it is better the rev it up,than to chug the engine.USe the brakes eaily,and dont overheat them during break in,if at a stop sign,put it in park,and get your foot off the brakes,so the rotors cool evenly,creeping at the light is good too,since it allows the brakes to cool more evenly.If you are running red(off road) fuel in it,stop now,the PSD cannot run on that stuff,it plugs the injectors,I see many ambulances with PSD's and plugged injectors,since some of them run red fuel,they plug them often.

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