01 fuso 4x4 auto??

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    hey all, looking into a 4x4 fuso cabover truck. I did a little research a few years ago, and decided if the right one came up I’d buy it. They’ve been mostly rotted junk, but this one I found is decent. It’s a 01, with relatively low mileage. But it threw me for a loop as it’s auto. Usually they’ve been all 5-6 speed and the auto didnt come later until the FG with the new body style, and I heard they were problematic. Has anyone seen these or used them personally? I just want to know if this auto is also problematic like the later models. I’d love to buy it because being auto, I can even put a guy in it if need be. Any info is appreciated, thank you!
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    I haven’t seen that either. I think maybe it could be an import from Australia or something
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    Can’t imagine how annoying plowing with an auto on the floor rather than the column would be...

    think I’d rather just have the stick

    I lived my Fuso for plowing
    Only problem with it was the low gvw