01'-02' shudder,slippage in 4x4


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Lately i have been noticing a shudder, shake and major slippage while plowing...... so i thought well here goes another tranny. I called my local dealer and he said it's a common problem and that it has to do with the front diff. with trucks that have push button 4x4

He told me they need to replace the front diff and it would take 2 days...i said cool and while you have it my mirror cracked the other day when i turned the defrosters on,,he said no problem that is covered under warranty too(as long as it shows nothing hit it).

There is a General Motors TSB that came out in June 02' about the front diffs, so if anybody else is having this problem just call your dealer.

Just wanted to pass on some info
Cya and merry x-mas
Hey eartscapes
I have the exact same truck as you with the exact same problem, I took it to the dealer a month ago and they told me it was normal. Mine just started doing it but the problem is getting really annoying and I want to get it fixed. You say the tsb came out in june, I will go back to the dealer and get them to look it up and hopefully get the problem fixed. Any info you could give me on the exact tsb description or number would be appreciated.

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