‘Glow’ Lights / Undercarriage Lighting


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Long time lurker, first time poster. Go easy on me :)

I was looking at lights and saw some lights for under the truck you could mount, giving the truck a colored glow (orange or red) or even white light. I’m curious if anyone has tried them? I can see some benefit with visibility for others to see you better and maybe some extra flooding of white light for visibility. Has anyone had any luck with or is this a waste of time and energy?

‘thank you for reading and happy plowing!!


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Plowed with a kid that had them on an Esclade 15 plus years ago...

I think his money would have been better well spend on a truck... then under glow lights.


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They can’t get the A arms to get enough angle. Basically they’d rather tear up the rubber over getting the caster right. Just like the dopes running around with stacks on stock motors...

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