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  1. Networking
    I have a few full routes that I am looking to sub. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Employment
    I am in need of a experienced plow operator to run a 2018 F450 crew cab 12' stake body truck with a Western power wide plow at large commercial facility. If you are available 24/7 and have this experience contact me immediately or refer someone you know to me immediately. Thanks, Chris...
  3. Employment
    We are looking for Subcontractors for the Williamsburg, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Norfolk Areas Plenty of work. Equipment We are looking for; Skid steers with buckets and or pushers 4x4 trucks Sidewalk crews Only serious inquiries please. Respond to thread via PM with name...
  4. Networking
    Experienced Snow Plow Operators Needed Loader Operators Skid Loader Operators Seasonal Position - Active drivers will be earning $30/hr with a Guaranteed 4 Hour Call Out when dispatched. Seasonal Position (approx. Fall - Early Spring) Minimum 3 Years Experience Plowing Snow and Salting Operate...
  5. Employment
    Ted Hosmer Enterprises will be having a job fair Saturday October 25th Times vary depending on the positions you are applying for. Positions we are looking for: CDL B salt truck drivers Salt truck driver non-CDL Loader operators Plow truck drivers Shoveler (A mix of hand shoveling and...
  6. Employment
    Push-N-Pull, is looking for a qualified and experienced automotive technician for Full Time employment. Minimum Requirements: 1 - 2 Years experience in operating, installing, and servicing Snow Plows and Snow Equipment. 1 - 2 Years Relevant Experience Including Trailers, Light Trucks, and...
  7. Commercial Snow Removal
    We are looking for help plowing in NYC with any vehicle that is registered. This is a multi year contract so dont get discouraged by the lack of snow now. Please call Justin @ 1-774-244-0106 to disscuss the scope of work and see what you may be able to offer.
  8. Employment
    Never see any Canadians in here. If you are looking to sub or if you are looking for a sub - post it up.
  9. Employment
    We have the trucks and the guys but would like to have some backup incase we get back to back snows like last year. We would evenly spread out work. Concrete guys are great for this because not many can still pour while it is snowing. Contact me if interested or call (931) 906-7607
  10. Employment
    I am looking for very dependable Subs this year for our locations. We Lost 5 of our trucks in July due to a Divorce (Seriously). We have Plenty of work Available and we pay every 14days. We have a line of credit we use to make our payouts quick so our subs dont wait. Email me a list of Equipment...
  11. Employment
    We Are a very large Snow and Ice control company in Chicago. We need Subs with there own Plow trucks as well as drivers to use our equipment. Top pay for subs and Drivers. Subs start at 75.00 and up to 95.00 for pickups and 1 tons. Drivers start at 16.00 and up to 25.00 based on experience. we...
1-11 of 13 Results