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  1. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I’m looking for part numbers for electrical components to make. 72” Moose v plow actuators and pump to operate. Don’t need up/down..will use winch for that. The company, Cambridge Metals that made the plows for moose to put their sticker on went out of business. Hoping a part numbers may help...
  2. Ram Trucks
    Hello everyone, I am new to the plowing side. I just picked up a used Western 7.6 plow(not sure if it is a midwieght). I have an 07 Dodge Dakota Laramie. It has the 4.7l engine, quad cab, 4x4. The plow is a 2 plug, I went through the harness that came with it and labeled the wires(per the...
  3. Western Plows Discussion
    Ok guys this is my first thread. I bought a western pro plus plow used. I think the dates on the wiring harnesses are from 2005. It is a 3 plug 3 pin 4 port wiring system. The guy got most the wiring components off the truck that came with the plow but it was missing the motor relay that...
  4. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Long time reader, first time poster here. My story is this. I have inherited a junked out 1995 Chevy with a western unimount plow and plan to mount it on a 1999 Ford f250. I have located a ultra mount truck mount for 150$ going to get this weekend and an unimount adapter for 225$. You guys...
  5. SnowDogg Snow Plows
    I bought a used MD75 the other day, and one of the plow lights is broken. I can't seem to find a replacement online and if they do exist I'm gonna take a guess that they're expensive. Also in my experience, I've found that almost all plow lights just suck in general. I do however have a surplus...
  6. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have the wiring for a Western Unimount MVP from a 2002 Ford F350 that I no longer need. I am not sure of what all years this will fit, but if there is someone that can use this, let me know. Make offer and pay shipping.
  7. Ford Trucks
    I just bought my first Ford and a new Boss 8'2" Stainless power V and I am looking for tips and suggestions from you guys that have been there. Things like, best place to mount pump solenoid or best way to route wiring thru engine bay, ect ect??? Thanks guys
  8. Western Plows Discussion
    i need to know the part number for a harness and plow controller i have a 96 dodge ram 2500 if that helps please let kn thanks .
  9. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hi guys, I bought a few new plows for this season and I am having trouble with my first install. I am trying to install a 8ft western pro plus on my 2007 gmc 2500hd wt (new body). I have everything installed and wired up but I cant get my controller to turn on. I have the 3 port module so the...
  10. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I'm trying to wire light harness #26070 to my 2000 silverado 1500 I'm looking at these instructions, and the wiring diagram on page 3: My 9 pin truck side harness has two brown wires, how do I tell which is which? Where...
  11. Blizzard Plows Discussion
    Hi all, Question: I just purchased a 2002 Jeep Sport. I am in the process of mounting a Blizzard 680LT plow. The light bar harness with all it's relays seems a bit over kill. I would like to take the harness, part it out into separate connectors and use these connectors to splice directly into...
  12. Western Plows Discussion
    changing from 04 to 07.5 dodge ram 2500s. The 04 had hb5 lights and the 07 has hb 13 lights. The plow is a ultramount and I have a 3 port module. Can someone please tell me what i need to make the lights work or what harness i need to replace???
  13. Truck & Equipment Repair
    New to the forum, swapping a 2004 Western unimount plow off a 02' f250 to a 01' f350 and thought it would be a breeze..........but the harness does'nt match ........just wondering if anyone's done this swap before and if so , what do I need to complete this project dieselss or B & B please help !
  14. Chevy Trucks
    I have a 93 chevy 1500 with the single headlights. i have a wiring harness for a 88-98 chevy but its the dual headlight set up. can someone please help me with how to splice/modify the wiring harness to fix my truck. PLEASE!
  15. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    currently mounted on 01 gmc sierra Push plates all wiring just no stick Looking for best reasonable offer Located in Rhode Island Will consider shipping buyer pays .
  16. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Looking for RT3 and wiring harness for 03 F550. Please call John at 618-779-2842 if you have one. Thanks
  17. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I'm wiring up my 2006 chevy 2500HD and i would like some advice on where is a good place to mount the motor solenoid? Also with the lights does the turn signal lights, green and yellow wire, hook to the green with blue and yellow with brown? thank for your help
  18. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    For Sale is the complete truckside wiring and control box for a snowman backblade. the wiring harnes is 20 foot in length. this was used 3 times last febuary then truck was sold. New this costs $475.00. am selling for $200.00 [email protected]
  19. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    What isolation port, and wiring harness do i need for a 2001 ford f250? any help would be appreciated. tom
1-19 of 19 Results