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  1. Western Plows Discussion
    I just put a new motor on my plow but now when I hit up the motor runs fine but nothing happens like if I hit up it won’t actually move up
  2. Western Plows Discussion
    I have a western ultramount 3 plug. Everything works fine except lowering the blade, it is slow I adjusted the quill almost all the way out no difference I also replaced the s1 valve with one from a good working plow still no difference. Any ideas what to check next?
  3. Western Plows Discussion
    We are a small commercial property mangement company in Northern IL. The majority of our properties we contract out due to size and manpower needs. However, we do have several small lots we take care of and also do some cleanup after heavy snows with the cpmany truck. My predesessor bought a...
  4. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Fixing our MVP PLUS plow to sell to a guy starting his first business(I want to do right by him and have it 100%), having issues with the plow going up. When I hit up on the controller, the wings fold in instead. It went down at first but seems like that stopped working to. Everything else...
  5. Chevy Trucks
    Hello! I recently purchased an 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 ls and wanted to transfer my western ultramount from an old truck that I no longer have. The plow was on a 99 GMC sierra 1500. The plow was originally off a 99 dodge 1500, so when I put it on the GMC, I found a used harness that worked...
  6. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I just picked up an older unimount commercial grade plow and I have a nine pin harness on the plow put a 12 pin harness on my 03 Chevy Can anyone confirm which wires I need to cut or reroute as far as grounds and what’s the quickest easy way to do it . ideally I would like to just put the...
  7. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Used 3.5 yard Western Striker. Has been in commercial service 3 years. Unit fully works. Comes with hopper, spinner, harness and controller. Can deliver in North East Ohio for small fee, local pick up or shipping paid by buyer for freight. Has new bearing in front for chain.
    $6,000 USD
  8. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hello, Im a college student and was recently given a '97 GMC with a Western Snowplow. When I picked it up, the plow and truck worked flawlessly with no issues. Being that I live on campus and we don't have covered parking my truck and plow sat outside. A rainstorm came by and the next day when I...
  9. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Both plows are in good condition and work well. One Owner, stored inside. The Wideout has a hand controller and the Proplow is a joystick. $3750obo for the Wideout and 1500obo for the Proplow. The wideout is 2 wire and the Proplow is 3 wire.
    $3,750 USD
  10. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hi All, New to the site. Recently picked up a 2005 Silverado 2500 HD with a Western 7.5ft Ultramount. Has 3 harness connectors from the truck to the plow. Plow works great in all directions. Amber lights work on both sides. Driver side the headlight and hi beam work perfectly however on the...
  11. Ice Management
    I have a 18-19 fisher poly-caster the fleetflex model, I just made a post back around November asking how to install strobes and a spare vibrator I had laying around, well I got them installed and wired up through the fisher harness. The strobes work great, but I'm having I think an issue with...
  12. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hey all. Newbie here. got an electric western striker and all of a sudden I got the NC code (not connected). I used it this morning and had the CE error once but I unplugged the salter at the back of the truck and reconnected and worked fine. Then a couple hours after using it I went to use...
  13. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Western 9'6" MVP3 only used 1-1/2 seasons in Northern Indiana so minimal use. No truck side available. Asking 6 or best offer. Will trade for other western equipment or vbox salt spreader. Plow stored inside, washed after use. Located in Northern Indiana price is obo
  14. Western Plows Discussion
    Hello, I'm scheduled to have a Western Enforcer V-plow installed on my 2017 F150 and was wondering if there's any opinions on them yet? Reviews are hard to come by, so any first hand experience or opinions would be appreciated. I'm looking forward to getting it, going to be doing some...
  15. Western Plows Discussion
    Ok Guys thanks for taking the time to read thru this... I bought a little Ford Ranger with a small western plow on it, was working fine when I bought it but now I can't get it to move up and down, or left to right with any consistency. So when I bought it the motor was leaking fluid so...
  16. Ram Trucks
    Thanks for stopping in.....I have a old 2005 ram 1500 that I’ve been plowing with for years and I own 2 western unimount plows. one plow is older and one is the “pro plow” but they both mount onto my 05 truck no problem and they’ve never really had big issues. I have a 2016 ram 1500 and I’m...
  17. Western Plows Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to this site but not new to plowing. Been moving snow in Wisconsin since the late 90's. One of our trucks has a Western Unimount. Early this season the motor stopped working and one of my guys replaced it. This is an old 2003 Chevy with 200k miles on it. It's the one truck that...
  18. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hello everyone, I have a western ultramount plow. I’m looking for the part number for the cable that the controller plugs into. I have a four port isolation module. The controller has 6 pins. Thanks
  19. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hello, I’m new to the forum. I had a look around and couldn’t find anything exactly same as my issue. I picked up a used plow, parts and pieces everywhere.Before I done anything I pressure tested the unit, went and held pressure C3 at 2500psi.Perfect. The solenoids wouldn’t operate...
1-19 of 294 Results