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  1. Weather
    Here is a Black Friday special. The best chances for widespread storms: Northeast U.S.: Nov 30-Dec 1, Dec 16-19 and Dec 26-30 Midwest, Great Lakes, N. Plains: Dec 4-6, Dec 15-17, Dec 20-25, Jan 5 Pacific Northwest: Nov 30-Dec 1, Dec 8-10, Dec 17-20, Dec 26-28 Happy Thanksgiving weekend from all...
  2. Weather
    More storms are on the models...register now (it takes all of 10 seconds to do) We'll send you alerts, updates, outlooks, contests and more. Thanks for all the support.
  3. Weather
    Dear PlowSite Users, Please excuse the delay for our Canadian and U.S. winter outlook. We want this right and new data suggests major changes. We will present a comprehensive outlook Thursday 10/18/12 at 12:00 noon EDT. Thank You, John Travers President...
  4. Weather Check out how the sea surface temps and trends are lining up like the winter of 2009-2010. We don't need a BIG EL NINO to have a BIG WINTER ---Meteorologist Rob...
  5. Weather
    Hi all! Does anyone know if is a good source of weather forecast?? Thanks!
  6. Weather
    SNOW PLEASE ANY NEWS?:help::crying::guns::help: It would be nice o get out of the house already! pushed that first round of slush that was fun. Now please let it snow on the 23 24 25 and beyond
  7. Weather
    What are wives tales you've heard to run true? My favorite and trusted stand by has been" Foggy morning/days + 90 days = inclement weather." The wasp nest high or low depending on forecasted snow depth. The beaver/muskrat house building... In the middle of ponds= cold long winter, also reflects...
1-7 of 9 Results