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  1. Western Plows Discussion
    I have a western ultramount 3 plug. Everything works fine except lowering the blade, it is slow I adjusted the quill almost all the way out no difference I also replaced the s1 valve with one from a good working plow still no difference. Any ideas what to check next?
  2. Chevy Trucks
    Appreciate any help and advice. Have a 2003 GMC 2500 (not an HD, just 2500) and am making into a plow truck just to plow my driveway, just going to be plowing my driveway. I am confused at which plow, mount, wiring I am in need of. I am of course looking in the used market as that lottery ticket...
  3. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Wanted to buy a ultramount Plow mount for my ‘11 GMC Sierra 2500 HD. I believe the part number is 69981. I am looking for used for cheap. Thanks
  4. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Just bought a used plow and never had a plow on my truck before. Looking for the specific Western Ultramount 69981. Thanks.
  5. Western Plows Discussion
    Hello, Has anybody had problems with Western Ultramount2 plow frames bending on Ram 4500/5500 trucks.
  6. Western Plows Discussion
    Hello all, I have a problem that the plow won’t raise. I’ve scoured the Internet and can’t find a similar situation. If I’m not pushing snow, I can raise and lower all day long. Sometimes (45% of the time ish) when I hit a snow bank, the plow won’t go up. I will have to keep hitting raise and...
  7. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Long time reader, first time poster here. My story is this. I have inherited a junked out 1995 Chevy with a western unimount plow and plan to mount it on a 1999 Ford f250. I have located a ultra mount truck mount for 150$ going to get this weekend and an unimount adapter for 225$. You guys...
  8. Western Plows Discussion
    Hello all, I am a novice plow guy i have an 1996 chevy s10 with a 7.5 foot western plow, I used to have a 6.5 Unimount that came with the truck. It was heavily rusted and after last winter i found this 7.5 footer on CL at a great price. I pulled up to the new plow, hooked it up and the plow...
  9. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Hi, I'm looking for a mount for my ultra that'll fit my 07 ram 2500. If anyone know of someone who is selling one for a reasonable price let me know. I have the mount off a 99 ram, which is in really good shape, just can't make it fit.
  10. Western Plows Discussion
    This mount came with a plow I recently bought. Previous owner thought it was for 07+ GM 1500 which it does not appear to be. Does anyone know what truck this mount is for?
  11. Truck & Equipment Repair
    My company has been in the plow equipment sales & repair business for 30 years. We are now offering controller repairs / upgrades for Western Unimount/Ultramount Joysticks as well as handheld controllers. We were known on this site as a supplier of magnets and light bars we manufacture such as...
  12. Truck & Equipment Repair
    As the title says, I'm having intermittent issues with my Western Ultra Mount, 7'6" straight blade plow with handheld control. I bought the plow with a 2000 GMC Sierra a few years ago & had no issues the first winter. This issue began last winter. Occasionally (too sporadic to replicate on...
  13. Western Plows Discussion
    Im starting by saying I know it's dumb and I have told the owner of the company I work for this but I don't make the decisions so I'm forced to do it. We have a 2017 F350 2x4 chassis cab in our shop right now that we are supposed to put a 8' pro on. Western doesn't make a 2x4 mount. The rear...
  14. Western Plows Discussion
    I need to replace the PIVOT PINS on my Western Ultramount A-Frame, Straight Blade snow plow. The Passenger side pin sheared/rusted off and is inside the pivot bar so I am replacing both. I need to somehow clear the FRAME LIFT LOWER UT S to be able to remove the Pivot Pin and Bracket in order to...
  15. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    looking for a good used ultra mount plow. I am putting it on a 2000 superduty. Mount doesn’t matter I have one already I tore off my 04.
  16. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    2001 Ford F-250 super cab with four wheel drive. Only 101K miles on this well-running Super Duty. Four wheel drive works great. Powerful V10 under the hood. No check engine lights, no mechanical problems. I bought it with a Western Ultramount plow and planned on starting a plow business but...
  17. Western Plows Discussion
    One of our crew wrote up their truck because the front right turn signal was out. Both the truck and the plow do not have front turn signal but do have running lights. Rear turn signal and trailer turn signal are functioning. 2012 GMC 3500HD 9' Pro Plus Ultramount Troubleshooting so far: -All...
  18. Truck & Equipment Repair
    So I have a 1995 f250 powerstroke with a 3 plug ultramount straight 8ft. my dad was driving it yesterday and the plow started slowing down... then when i got it home i dropped it to see if the fluid was low or what was going on. It never went up again or in any direction for that matter...
  19. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have the Ultra Mount off of my 06 Ford F-250, shipping is around $55-$70 to ship back to Eastern States. Its a complete mount besides some bolts are missing
1-19 of 44 Results