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  1. Ram Trucks
    so my truck has an 8' Meyers on it and whenever I am in 4 high or low and travel above 10 mph I hear a very distinct clicking sound coming from the transfer case. I know for a fact that it is not my front diff or front drive shaft because I disconnected the front drive shaft and engaged 4x4...
  2. Ford Trucks
    Im new to the snow plowing scene, and starting a business this year. (I know its easier to sub first but I run my own ship) I just picked up a used 7.6'' western today. What I was wondering is... Is it better to plow in 4 HI or 4 LOW? Or 2 HI until i need 4x4? Do i plow in OD, or OD off, 2 or...
  3. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    NP208 transfer case for a ford, Was behind a c4 tranny.$150 decent condition, Parted out truck and dont need anymore P.M. me with an email for pics!
  4. Chevy Trucks
    Towards the end of plowing season last year, the 97 was making significant noise in four wheel drive. Most noticeable when changing directions, especially with the wheel cut sharply. The noise seemed to be coming primarily from the front driveshaft area. I know, that's a little vague. While...
1-4 of 4 Results