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  1. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Selling my snowex minipro575x tailgate salter(s).. total of 3 for sale. They are all practically brand new and in perfect working order. We are a father/son business and are getting out of the plow business due to my father being diagnosed with cancer. We are moving to get him the best care...
  2. Ice Management
    My spreaders motor quit on me. Turns out, if you smack it with a hammer hard enough it will break the magnets inside. Buyers motor is 215ish Gladiator on ebay motor is 120ish. Has anybody had experience with the gladiator motor? Does it attach to the augor with no issues, and is the wiring...
  3. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    hi everyone I am selling my Fisher tailgate spreader the 525 model. Only have used it for 3 storms, getting rid of it because I got more commercial accounts for salting and I need a bed spreader. I’m trying to get it sold ASAP. Comes with everything $2400 OBO. Bristol, CT
  4. SnowEx Products
    Im looking to combine a salt spreader that can handle bulk salt with the ability to carry a hefty snowblower in the bed. I'm thinking of the Snowex Bulkpro 1875 with the tailgate swivel mount and a Toro Power Clear 721 R-C I am a 1 man operation, 3 small commercial clients and a few houses. I...
  5. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    I just picked up a used Snow Ex 575. I am looking to run a line to a simple toggle / paddle switch and then to the plug. What I don't know is how many amps are put out of the motor on the salter. I don't want to fry the switch. Also can someone give me a quick rundown of how to wire it. I...
  6. Ice Management
    Looking to make a pre wet system for a western 1000 tailgate spreader. Or any spreader. Im not to willing to shell out over 1000 bucks to buy the snow ex pre wetter so if anybody has any pictures of there or any idea post them. Anything will help! Looking at an ATV sprayer for a tank maybe.
  7. Ice Management
    I have a western 1000 salter and I need to replace the motor, where is the best place to purchase one?
  8. Western Plows Discussion
    Any one know where the best place to buy a new motor for my western salter?
  9. Ice Management
    I'm trying to get some info on a truck craft tailgate spreader. I have a opportunity to buy 2 of them with wiring harnesses and controllers, only problem is that one is in pieces. The guy told me the one works and is allowing me to take them home and get them working and give him a price, only...
  10. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a Snow Ex Mini Pro 575 for sale. It is 3 seasons old only used it to spread a few small lots and some ice melt. Has new vibrator installed last year wired into the controller so it comes on whenever you spread. Asking $800
  11. Ice Management
    Looking into buying a tailgate spreader for this season as I only have 5 accounts that want salt and 2 that want sanding done. Looked at a Fisher Speed Caster 2 and Boss TGS800 the other day which are both 2 stage systems to deal with the sand just can't decide on which one. Any insight or other...
  12. Ice Management
    I have been in snow removal for years but never on the sand/salt spreading end of it! I purchased a buyer tailgate spreader for $100 with no motor and I am waiting for the motor via UPS. My question is why you cannot run sand through them (or can you)? The manufacture says #1 salt or similar...
  13. Boss Plows Discussion
    Hey, I have a few questions about Boss products.This might have been said all ready but I could not find much on these questions. For the snowplows could you put differnt plows on a differnt truck, or would it not fit. I am mainly wondering if you could have a straight blade and a vee on the...
  14. Ice Management
    i bought a pro flo 2 with teh propper reciever mounting kit, or so they say. my problem is that both of the hanger brackets are about 3-4 " short on where it is supposed to bolt to if it is properly alligned with the formed bracket that is bolted to the frame rail.. anyone heard of this or...
  15. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a boss tailgate spreader for sale on ebay. It is a 11 cu ft 16- 50#bags. See pics on ebay. Item 280590712565. Great unit. I bought two new 2 yard saltdogg units.
  16. SnowDogg Snow Plows
    Anyone have any info on the Buyers TGS06 Tailgate Spreader. It's got a vibrator not the Auger (TGS07). Same size and a few hundred less.
  17. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Bonnell stainless steel replacement tailgate spreader all hydraulic dual auger with hydraulic spinner 2800.00 great shape
  18. Ice Management
    I have plowed for years but am new to salting...I spread bagged magic salt and need a tailgate spreader. i just recieved the salt dogg tgs06 but it looks like there is no way to control it from loosing material even when fully closed. I have not hooked it up so i could sell it if this is not the...
1-18 of 19 Results