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  1. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I have a 9'6" ez v plow (Fisher) every thing on the plownis working properly however I can not get the plow to lower. I've checked the controller switched it out for a working one and still nothing on going down. Left and right both work and you can here that pressing up is working. Please help...
  2. Boss Plows Discussion
    Ok guys, I have been reading these forums for years and never thought I would have to post my own thread but here it goes. I have read every possible thread on this subject on Google and have yet to figure out my problem. I have a new boss 9-foot 2 dxt, the issue I am having, is the plow will...
  3. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    Hi All- I am new to posting here, but have lurked for some time - so official hello! I have a MM system on a 2000 GMC Sierra. I was going through the usual motions of checking the plow functions before the season and low and behold, everything works fine except that it will not go down...up...
  4. Heavy Equipment
    I found this online. I normally don't like monday morning quarterbacking but this is bad.. Someones gonna :mechanic: So how would you all get unstuck?
  5. Truck & Equipment Repair
    We have two Meyers E-60 pumps and both have had angle sticking problems. In both cases the coil has been stuck fast to the valve spool when we tried to remove it. I'm looking for possible causes for this problem. Test light indicates that switching works properly: coil is energized for right...
  6. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    Hi folks... trying to narrow down this problem. My father was plowing with my truck yesterday and at one point the plow just stopped moving on him. I have had trouble with the harness connectors in the past but jiggling/unplugging them seemed to do the trick (i realize this is stupid but please...
1-6 of 6 Results