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  1. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    2014 Bobcat S630. It has 1325 hrs. Full service from dealer done at 1248 hrs. That includes every filter and fluid changed. We bought this in December of 2021 for snow removal with the plan to sell in the spring. We have two others and don't need a third. Machine runs great! Tires are brand new...
  2. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    (2) 16' Avalanche Box plows for sale. (1) Avalanche straight 16' box and (1) Avalanche Optimus 16' sectional box. Both were not used very much. Both are 5 years old with some surface rust from sitting but both work great. Also have spare parts. Would love to sell both for $13,500 but will sell...
  3. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    8611 Low Profile Blizzard plow w/mount and wiring. Came off a 2015 F350. Asking $4500. Runs good but needs new blades. call or text Andy 301-366-7267. I'm in Rockville MD.
  4. Commercial Snow Removal
    Hi everyone, I am a fairly new (second season in business) snow plow contractor during the winter months. I need help with a contract. Typically my full season customers pay for their service up front, and are covered for the winter. I recently was approached by a customer asking to have his...
  5. Western Plows Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to this site but not new to plowing. Been moving snow in Wisconsin since the late 90's. One of our trucks has a Western Unimount. Early this season the motor stopped working and one of my guys replaced it. This is an old 2003 Chevy with 200k miles on it. It's the one truck that...
  6. Bidding & Estimating
    I know that for a seasonal price im supposed to find the average snow events but im not exactly sure how to do that. Does anyone have any advice on how to do so?
  7. Networking
    Professional Snow Management Company located in Stoughton, MA available to provide complete snow management services throughout Eastern, MA. Territory includes North Shore through Boston and down to Bourne bridge, as far west as Framingham and east to coast. Bulk and bagged salt available on...
  8. Residential Snow Removal
    The cost of a plow and depreciation and stress on my tundra just doesn't seem worth it. I'd probably have 10 driveways to do this winter. What's the most efficient way without a plow? 30" snowblower, push spreader for salt/sand and a shovel?
  9. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I am currently trading in my 2018 ram 2500. I have a boss plow installed on it. 8'6" Stainless steel v plow. I am buying a ford and therefor need to buy a new push plate plus the labor to install it.. I am thinking about just installing a new plow altogether. That will only happen if i well the...
  10. Business Fundamentals
    I am looking into how far certain company's would go for their client and please leave suggestions, comments or stories of how far you once went with a client.
  11. Networking
    I have a few full routes that I am looking to sub. Let me know if you're interested.
  12. Networking
    I have residential snow accounts from Denver to Colorado Springs that I am looking to transfer to someone else. It's for a property management company so these are vacant properties and have a 24-hour service window which is easily the most lenient I have had. You don't have to show up at the...
  13. Business Fundamentals
    Hi, I’m trying to get about 15 residential driveways for when it snows, currently I have 6. So far in the past week or two I’ve passed out about 750 flyers (advertising both lawn care and snow removal) but I’ve only got 1 snow removal call and one lawn care call. Does anyone have any ideas...
  14. Bidding & Estimating
    Hi, all! My husband is really the owner of our company, I'm just trying to help brainstorm with this major feat ahead of us. To give you a brief introduction, my husband has been plowing snow for several years. Initially started with a dixie chopper, then he bought F350 and plow, and now he...
  15. Bidding & Estimating
    2019-10-31 by zicesariz posted Oct 31, 2019 at 3:26 PM Im thinking on charging them $350 per push every 2 inches. I will have my dad with me on the truck, he's going to shovel the main entrance and two side doors on each corner. He will also use our Honda Snow blower 928 to do the side walk in...
  16. Employment
    H&T Services LLC. Is a snow and ice management/landscaping company looking for help with shoveling, plowing, and skid steer operators in Cincinnati, OH area. Please contact Amy at 513-391-7135 for additional information!
  17. Boss Plows Discussion
    Hello! Im new to the site and have an important question. I have a 2018 BOSS HTX Poly 7'6" with upgraded LED lights, controller, mounting brackets and everything. I am moving to commercial snow plowing and will be selling off my smaller pows to invest in bigger ones. I paid $4,756 for...
  18. Ice Management
    I was curious how you guys relay the price of salting to potential customers, or even if I'm subbing it for someone. I already have my price per ton/what I want to make, just need to know language. Do you say $ per ton then tell them how many tons once done, or do you say this much $ for this...
1-19 of 167 Results