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  1. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hi all, I just purchased a used f350 with a snow way plow, and predator controller. Controller is hard wired and has 3 buttons at the bottom in addition to the up/down, and tilt left and right of the 3 is the on/of switch, the other is the DP(down pressure) switch, but the other...
  2. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a Sno-Way mount (3pin) from my 1992 Ranger available for sale if anyone needs one. I am not sure what other vehicles this mount may work on. Asking price is $75 plus applicable shipping costs.
  3. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    We are in search of used Snow-way 26 series STEEL with down pressure for my 2001 F150 4x4 Ford. We are in Chicago suburbs, but willing to travel within 300 miles. Please email pics and your asking price to [email protected] Thank you!
1-3 of 5 Results