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  1. Commercial Snow Removal
    Hello All, Looking to use our SVL65-2 with a SnowWolf. The machine has the stock Wavy-H pattern tracks. This is our first year with a track machine. How are these tracks in the snow? Do I need to get snow tracks or can I get by with these? TYIA
  2. Residential Snow Removal
    Hello all, I’m new to the forum and new to needing to manage snow so I’m hoping someone here can offer some sound advice to keep me out of trouble. We have about 1/3 mile of road/driveway that needs to be kept clear in Haines, Alaska. For part of the stretch we’re looking at 16% grade. In an...
  3. Heavy Equipment
    I just purchased a Takeuchi TL130. It currently has OEM lug tracks. they are terrible in the snow. I know bridgestone makes a Polar Tread, but they want $2400 for each track, plus i have to buy a new sprocket kit to make it fit on my machine. Does anyone have a cheaper solution? Or does...
1-3 of 3 Results