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  1. Commercial Snow Removal
    So ran across these, just wondering if anyone has ever used them or seen them in action. So far all I have is the video to go off of and they look alot faster then a two stage. My thoughts are they would bog down in heavy snow similar to a walk behind but maybe not??
  2. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I've been scraping the crud at the bottom of Craigslist for big snowblowers under $100 (poor but hate shoveling). I'm pretty sure I need a big self-propelled one; I have a lot of area to cover, somewhat steep and rough. I'm thinking an ancient, ugly Ariens might be a good match for me. Anyway...
  3. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Ok here is my problem i have a Noma Canadiana Snow-blower that i bought for 450.00 it has a tecumseh engine HSSK50. I would like to put a light on but there is no alternator, i need something that will be bright but not to bright for clearing the sidewalks. Where i live it gets dark at 5:00pm at...
1-3 of 3 Results