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  1. Commercial Snow Removal
    Hey guys, been in snow removal for 10 years now in NWO. I have a 100% Commercial client list. Just won a very large Commercial contract up here and after final negotiations they are asking that i provide a contract with our agreed terms in it to sign. Does anyone have a Commercial Contract that...
  2. Discount Snow Stakes
    When we first started up in the snow stakes business, companies really only wanted orange and yellow markers, that's it. As the years went on snow plow companies wanted to be able to customize their stakes more and more. Blue driveway markers have become one of our most popular colors. There are...
  3. Discount Snow Stakes
    To kick off the snow stakes season, we want to offer some great deals right off the bat. This year will be a challenging one for snow plow drivers. Supplies will be limited and the costs will be high. So check out our deals below to take advantage while you can. The first discount bundle is a...
  4. Discount Snow Stakes
    This year we are holding our annual Cyber Monday Blowout Sale! We will be offering absolute rock bottom pricing on all of our snow removal products. No discount codes required for Discount Snow Stakes, just visit the website. Driveway markers will be at an absolute low at any quantity. Staking...
  5. Discount Snow Stakes
    Driveway markers have about 300 variations to consider when figuring out your order for the season. What size height? What color? What diameter? Do I need a cap? Etc etc. The new stake companies are throwing a new wrinkle at you. The 3 ft snow stake! At first glance, 3 foot stakes don't seem so...
  6. Discount Snow Stakes
    The snow removal industry moves lightning fast. Having urgency and moving quickly is an absolute must in the life of a snow plow driver. We know that you need vendors that respond just as fast as you do. That is why we focus on 3 important action items to make sure your experience with us is as...
  7. Discount Snow Stakes
    Discount Snow Stakes will once again be attending the Snow And Ice Management Association Trade Show SIMA. This will be our 10th show! TEN! We feel old. The show is being held in Grand Rapids MI. June 25-28 2019. Grand Rapids is a cool little city and is centrally located to the SIMA snow...
  8. Business Fundamentals
    Hey everyone, nice site I found here! As the title would suggest, I am interested in snow plowing. I have never done it before so I have a few questions if someone would be so kind to share their knowledge it would be greatly appreciated! I'm just going to list them and answer them if you...
  9. Discount Snow Stakes
    Does Snow Stake quality even matter? Take our poll and get cheap stakes in March POLL
  10. Discount Snow Stakes
    You can rock Discount Snow Stakes Gear on the road now! Also, rumor going around first 3 people with 1000 snow stake orders are getting a FREE hoodie
  11. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    Hello, I am new to snow plowing. I want to start my own business now for the last couple of years and have been working on a business plan. I have been in the customer service field for the last 8 years. Now that I am 25 years old and graduating from college I want to get started snow plowing...
  12. Networking
    If you have equipment break downs and need back up in Toronto, Scarborough, ontario get in touch and I can help you out.
  13. Business Fundamentals
    I recently acquired an additional 30 plowing customers which brings me to a total of roughly 53 customers. I have a fairly tight route within 6 kilometres (Canadian)tymusic and all of which are residential single or double car city lots. I'm looking into a backup truck now as this is my second...
  14. Employment
    Looking for subs and sidewalk guys for some of my big lots in the Dayton, OH area. Dont get on here to much so if interested please email me at [email protected] with your contact info, brief description of your availability, and equipment. Looking to fill asap. Thanks!!
  15. Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures
    The past three seasons I have been battling the idea of getting a skid steer. Well, demand for service has pretty much forced my hand this year! Now it can SNOW! r
  16. Employment
    In & Out Maintenance Service Inc. has secured a contract for a homeowners association to do Glen Ellyn Snow Plowing. I need a crew of 3-5 guys that would be responsible for running snow blowers across 43 townhome driveways to clear them from snow. No trucks can be used on this account. I have...
  17. Commercial Snow Removal
    Plowing on of our commercial lots in York, Pennsylvania. This was during the October snow storm which left us with 8 inches of wet heavy snow.
1-17 of 27 Results