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  1. Discount Snow Stakes
    Discount Snow Stakes Vid on the competitions stakes
  2. Discount Snow Stakes
    We got feedback on our red snow stakes that the color wasn't deep enough. So this summer, we got to work and mimicked coca cola red. Check them out Here
  3. Discount Snow Stakes
    holiday shipping schedule #drivewaymarkers #snowremoval #snowplowing
  4. Discount Snow Stakes
    I get calls all day from customers telling me they found cheaper snow stakes online. In this video, I explain the difference between Discount Snow Stakes and some of the competitions plow markers. Watch our video here to see the difference.
  5. Discount Snow Stakes
    most customer don't use a snow stake install tool. the quality of our fiberglass stakes doesn't require that you do! however, many customers do prefer using the discount snow stake installer and i often get questions on how it is used and what the benefits of the tool are. here is the short...
  6. Discount Snow Stakes
    Discount Snow Stakes was recently featured in SIMA Snow Business Magazine. Check it out here. SIMA Article
  7. Discount Snow Stakes
    Help raise breast cancer awareness with Discount Snow Stakes
  8. Discount Snow Stakes
    We are excited to launch our new website to the plowsite community. We have added many features that makes it easier for the customer to navigate and order the stakes that you need. Some of the new features include: - Chat Function - Easy to navigate menu bar - better pictures and product...
  9. Discount Snow Stakes
    Proper forecasting is essential to cutting costs and boost profits READ MORE
  10. Discount Snow Stakes
    Are 4 footers really high enough to see? READ HERE
  11. Discount Snow Stakes
    We recently sent out a ton of FREE t shirts to our loyal customers, did you get one, if not, visit
  12. Discount Snow Stakes
    this is easy... to see them at night, wood doesnt glow! competitors give you an inch of reflective surface check em out
  13. Discount Snow Stakes
    You have a huge responsibility to your property managers when you win their snow removal account. Here are a few photos of contractors who did not stake their properties UGLY
  14. Discount Snow Stakes
    Fiberglass snow markers are an essential investment. Unfortunately, the people who frequent the properties that all of you stake, don't always respect all the hard work staking is. Theft has become a concern with stakes, here's how to prevent it ... READ MORE...
  15. Discount Snow Stakes
    After talking to many great people at the SIMA show in Buffalo, 3 things really stood out about what our customers want with their snow stakes.... READ FULL ARTICLE
  16. Discount Snow Stakes
    We will be at the SIMA show booth #108 READ MORE ABOUT GIVEAWAYS.....
  17. Discount Snow Stakes
    It can be very beneficial for a snow removal company to color code their snow stakes. Read Here To Find Out Why
  18. Discount Snow Stakes
    using driveway reflectors? dont! heres why ...
1-18 of 21 Results