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  1. Residential Snow Removal
    Will you be buying a new snow blower this year? What do you think about the Husqvarna ST121E? Easy to move around and the SnowKing is a strong engine. What else are you guys looking at? Toro, Honda, Ariens, etc.
  2. Commercial Snow Removal
    So ran across these, just wondering if anyone has ever used them or seen them in action. So far all I have is the video to go off of and they look alot faster then a two stage. My thoughts are they would bog down in heavy snow similar to a walk behind but maybe not??
  3. Commercial Snow Removal
    Ok... I currently own a Powerclear 180 and a S-140. Last year my snowblowers could not handle some of the bigger 8"+ snows we had. My question is... Would it be better to buy a bigger single stage since it is faster and more maneuverable or should I just go ahead and get a two stage. My dealer...
  4. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I need help. I decided to finally pull out my snow blowers yesterday and get them serviced up. 60 Degrees outside with shop door open it was hard to think about snow but figured it needed to be done. Any way, I pulled open the carb and cleaned it all up and I totally forgot to get the...
1-4 of 4 Results