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  1. ATV / UTV Snow Removal
    Would a Polaris Phoenix 200 have enough power to have a snowplow on it. I have a little 48" plow for a lawn mower that weighs about 70 pounds. Dont know if it would be able to plow. I live in Pittsburgh, so I wouldnt be doing much more than 6" at a time. I would just be doing my driveway, which...
  2. ATV / UTV Snow Removal
    My first post on plowsite. Been searching the threads for comments on whether or not a low gear is really required to push snow. I have a Polaris Scrambler 500 4X4 and it does not have a low gear. I do not need to push a whole lot of snow, just my driveway and maybe some neighbors when I feel...
1-2 of 2 Results