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  1. Commercial Snow Removal
    Looking to upgrade from the original protech rubber edge pushers we have to something better. Does anyone have any real world testing with the protech fusion edge or is it worth it to bite the bullet and go with live boxes. We need something with an edge that contours to the ground as most of...
  2. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Pro-Tech has built a reputation for making products of the highest quality. But what does that exactly mean? There are numerous quality features found in our products but we narrowed it down to what we feel are the top five (in no particular order). Prime vs Commercial Steel At Pro-Tech we...
  3. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    For over 20 years Pro-Tech has built a reputation for building innovative containment plows of the highest quality. That reputation continues with the latest addition to our product line: The Sno Blade. Built using the same structural steel found in our Sno Pushers, the Sno Blade is engineered...
  4. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Pro-Tech is giving away a Steel Edge Sno Pusher to one lucky winner. Visit for more information and to sign up to win. RICK WALLENHORST III RJW ENTERPRISES "The Steel Edge Sno Pusher far exceeds the performance of any pusher on hard packed snow and ice." DARREN RYAN...
  5. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Visit us at booth #806 to see what's new from Pro-Tech. Attendees can also sign up to win some of our newest products.
  6. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Pro-Tech's new Product, the Sno Basket, will allow for easy loading and hauling of Snow Highlights • The Sno Basket is a lightweight bucket that allows for easy hauling of snow. • Slots on the bucket allow customers to compress and collect the maximum amount of snow. • The Sno Basket offers...
  7. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    In this issue find out how to win prizes for sharing Sno Pusher pictures and read the feedback we've been receiving on our Steel Edge Sno Pusher. Click here to "]access the full issue.
  8. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Get recognized for the work you do to keep our communities safe. Enter to be a Sno Fighter of the week. Visit for more information.
  9. Commercial Snow Removal
    Scenario: I plow a 30 acre gravel lot that is used for truck parking. There are currently 600+/- trucks parking here. We have barrier wall lining the back of the parking spots, and i have to pull all the snow from the parking spots to the aisles and then clear the aisles. I have been using a CAT...
  10. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Check out this new video from Pro-Tech showing the Steel Edge Sno Pusher in action.
  11. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Tell us how you got your start in the business and you could win a Pro-Tech prize-pack worth over $1,000! Visit for more details.
  12. Commercial Snow Removal
    Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc., is donating a military themed containment plow to a raffle benefiting the nonprofit arm of the American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT). The raffle drawing will be held Friday, June 26, at noon during the 18th annual Snow and Ice Management...
  13. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Pro-Tech is proud to introduce the Bucket Clamp, a new custom connection option for Sno Pushers. The Bucket Clamp eliminates chains, shackles, and loose ratchet binders that can be difficult to maintain. It can also significantly decrease the average connection time. In addition, the Bucket...
  14. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    February is that time of year when our customers have used their equipment for multiple snow events and are beginning to do evaluations into parts or maintenance requirements. Even the most durable of equipment will require some maintenance after countless hours of operation. Here are five...
  15. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    From now until March 16th Pro-Tech will be offering customers the opportunity to receive a gift for sharing pictures of their Pro-Tech Sno Pusher. Customers are asked to submit their pictures on either Pro-Tech's Facebook or Instagram Page and include the hashtag #snofighters. Each week a...
  16. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Rubber Edge Sno Pusher Steel Edge IST Sno Pusher Pullback Sno Pusher
  17. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Pro-Tech is asking customers to show their Sno Pusher pride and submit pictures of themselves with their Sno Pusher(s). Along with the photo, provide a reason why you use Pro-Tech Sno Pushers. Submissions will be reviewed and potentially shared on Pro-Tech's website and social media pages...
  18. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    ROCHESTER, N.Y. - September 15, 2014 - Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. has introduced its newest product offering, the Turf Pusher, a containment plow that can clear snow from turf sports fields. This new product line will solve the challenges that sports field managers face when...
  19. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    Check out the latest issue of the Sno Pusher News, Pro-Tech's official newsletter and find out five ways to get the most out of your Sno Pusher. Click "]here to read the latest issue and subscribe to receive future releases.
  20. Pro-Tech Sno Pushers
    This video highlights the Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher, which is a perfect solution for clearing snow from underneath parked trailers and under other hard to reach areas. Click here to watch the video
1-20 of 71 Results