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  1. Ice Management
    Another long and detailed video on how I built my pre wet system for my western striker. I also added a 50 foot hose reel for sidewalks. Let me know if you need any help or part numbers! Were all in this together.
  2. Ice Management
    Hey all, so I read on here how to wire in relays to the western salt spreader. I thought it would be useful to post a video of how it's done. This is a pretty easy install with basic tools. the video is long and I tried to not ramble. Redundancy helps sometimes. Enjoy.. This video will enable...
  3. Western Plows Discussion
    So for anyone who doesn't want to buy the standard western accessories here is a wiring description. There are 4 ends located in the box at the rear of the salter. White - Strobe Grey - Lights Color 3 - Vibrate Color 4 - Prewet Using a standard 4 or 5 pin auto relay. 85 - Negative...
  4. Ice Management
    Looking to make a pre wet system for a western 1000 tailgate spreader. Or any spreader. Im not to willing to shell out over 1000 bucks to buy the snow ex pre wetter so if anybody has any pictures of there or any idea post them. Anything will help! Looking at an ATV sprayer for a tank maybe.
  5. Ice Management
    Is anyone out there using Caliber (1000 or 2000) as a pre-wetting agent or de-icing agent. Is the product available in bulk? Is the price competitive with Magic liquid? Is the performance similar?
  6. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    Just joined this site a couple of days ago..... I work for a municipality and with all of the budget constraints, we are being asked to prove our salt usage to the town council. The salt institute says we should be using no more than 400 lbs. per lane mile of salt for our roads. Anyone have any...
1-6 of 7 Results