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  1. Ice Management
    I am looking to build a 5500 chassis and put a drop side dump body on it for all season use. During the winter, I have enough payload capacity left over to squeeze on a light spreader (poly)(~1000lbs) and a 3.75cy of salt (8,100 lbs). So I have two questions: A. What 4cy (or even 3.5cy) poly...
  2. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    F/S 2009 model Salt Dogg SHPE0750 3/4 yd spreader. Poly/electric, around 5 feet long and 250ish lb dry. Built just like the bigger models. Spreads salt, DRY sand/salt (doesn't like wet) or even seed/feed. You can use it to spread seeds as well in the off season. Has vibrator, comes complete with...
  3. Ice Management
    HELP I was wondering what to set the bottom baffles of the spreader. I kept the settings set from the factory and put 3/1 sand salt mix and its barley coming out. I know from the factory its set for dry bagged salt but I didn't know how the mix would work. What do I do now shovel it to one...
1-3 of 3 Results