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  1. Boss Plows Discussion
    So, has anybody else ever seen a Boss plug mounted to the chromed front bumper of a new truck? What do you think of this install job from my local shop? I paid $$$$$$ for this...
  2. Western Plows Discussion
    Just replaced 9 pin plug for western unimount and when I turn headlights on they don’t go to plow. It’s a Sam plug but wired all the colors match up. When lights are off plow works with controller like it should but when I turn headlights on the plow moves! Any help appreciate it.
  3. Ice Management
    Folks, I did a stupid, didn't correctly tie back the truck side harness for my Western Stryker and on a particularly bumpy road, it drop to the ground and was damaged from dragging. So...... apparantly, you can't purchase a pigtail? Or can you? Looking for solutions including making my own...
    This is the first Curtis plow ive ever owned, i bought a sno pro 3000 today for my dodge. when i bought my truck used it came with the plow frame and wiring for the curtis so i said heck ill just find one that will fit right on. i found that they made two different plug setups, my truck is...
  5. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    Whats is the difference between a 2 plug plow set up, and a 3 plug plow set up, aside from the extra plug. i am looking to get one, so i need to know which one for my truck. thanks. tom 2001 Ford F250 crew cab
1-5 of 5 Results