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  1. Ice Management
    Hi all quick question, I have a private road for this season (narrow and about 250 yards long) that I need to sand at the end of each storm. The problem is I don't have a sander and Im not in the market for a big or expensive sander. My original plan was to spread it by hand, by filing the bed...
  2. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    Hi all. New to plowsite and the plow business in general. I started a plow service last fall with the intent of it just being winter employment. Now we are going to be a 4 Season company and expand into a variety of property services. Here's our story in a nutshell: Winter of 2019 I did snow...
  3. Residential Snow Removal
    Trying to consolidate my top 4 most profitable cities to focus on for residential snow removal business. I'm NYC based but looking to expand to provide residential snow plow services to 4 markets for winter 20/21. Any advice on top 4 cities?
  4. Bidding & Estimating
    2019-10-31 by zicesariz posted Oct 31, 2019 at 3:26 PM Im thinking on charging them $350 per push every 2 inches. I will have my dad with me on the truck, he's going to shovel the main entrance and two side doors on each corner. He will also use our Honda Snow blower 928 to do the side walk in...
  5. Employment
    H&T Services LLC. Is a snow and ice management/landscaping company looking for help with shoveling, plowing, and skid steer operators in Cincinnati, OH area. Please contact Amy at 513-391-7135 for additional information!
  6. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I took over the lead position and am now responsible for snow removal at my company. The last guy left the plow sitting with the stand in loose gravel and it has now sunk to the point where when the truck is pulled up to mount it is several inches too low. All lifting and pushing doesn't bring...
  7. Ford Trucks
    i do mostly business sidewalks but just added plowing to the mix midway last season. i bought a western 7.5ft plow that i put on my 1999 f-150. i have a slight sag (besides the sag of the plow weight, it sagged about 2 or 3in and when adjusted it sagged another 1 or 2in) and wondering what way i...
  8. Commercial Snow Removal
    What is your favorite brand of plow marker?-- best quality for the buck..
  9. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    New here, and saying hello to all the members. In fact, have been reading and researching for about 6+ months now, and have gained some valuable insight from many of you - along with researching the ins/outs of the vehicle I'm deploying. A bit about myself: An early life background in...
  10. Commercial Snow Removal
    I have run 265 70 17 Cooper M+S's for 3 years and been very pleased with them. I will be replacing them in the next week or so, and am considering saving $40 per tire and going with the Coopers sister tire, the Mastercraft MSR. Has anyone here run both the M+S and MSR ? Any traction, wear, or...
  11. Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures
    We finally got some snow here in Central Il. After we had most of our lots cleaned off, we took some time to shoot some video. We had 4 Chevy's and 1 F250 out on the lot for a photo shoot. Boss DXT plows. Notice the 5 wide Super V. Takes some team work to make that work right!!
  12. Employment
    Looking for qualified subs in all areas of northeast ohio. Westside, akron canton, cleveland area, and eastside snow belt. Plow, salt and sidewalk positions available. All site are commercial properties. Contact for immediate information.
  13. Commercial Snow Removal
    Has anyone used a T-450 for snow removal? I have ran several Cat track machines in the past and they do great. Years ago I tried to run a T300 and it would hardly move. Looking to get some feedback as to how the T450 did. Wondering if its worth putting on a plow site. Did you run a blade or a...
  14. Business Fundamentals
    It's going to be my second season plowing. I've been trying to figure out how to contact various associations into order to submit bids. Obviously I've researched it on the internet but haven't had much luck. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
  15. Business Fundamentals
    Hey everyone, nice site I found here! As the title would suggest, I am interested in snow plowing. I have never done it before so I have a few questions if someone would be so kind to share their knowledge it would be greatly appreciated! I'm just going to list them and answer them if you...
  16. Business Fundamentals
    I bought a lawn and landscaping company and now I won a bid for a condo and high rise apartment. The total square ft is 169000. I do not have to do the sidewalks only plowing and salting. I quoted 1 to 4 inches at 500 per and 4 to 8 at 975 salting 425. My question is with my bid I do not know...
  17. Commercial Snow Removal
    Anyone know which National has the 2016-17 Rite Aid snow accounts for the PA /DE /NJ areas ? Thanks in advance
  18. Bidding & Estimating
    new member here, been doing residential snow removal for a few years now nothing crazy just regular basic services, an opportunity has risen where i can get the ability to do this restaurant chains snow removal about 7 locations if i wanted them all, the biggest lot is maybe about an acre or so...
  19. Bidding & Estimating
    I have a home owners association asking be to give them price on plowing and salting it over 4 miles of 1 lane black top that's on the side of a mountain pretty sketchy location little room for error has 85 homes in the association that range from Doctor and lawyers to to lower class family's...
1-19 of 57 Results