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  1. Ice Management
    Is anyone out there using Caliber (1000 or 2000) as a pre-wetting agent or de-icing agent. Is the product available in bulk? Is the price competitive with Magic liquid? Is the performance similar?
  2. Ice Management
    Just wanted to say thanks to all the posts on this Forum with great info on liquid application. i put this together with a 7 gpm 12 volt pump, strainer, solinoid valve, and a remote wireless control. I added a 25 foot hose and hand sprayer that works great for sidewalks and steps. I made it...
  3. Ice Management
    Hi, I am new at this and I've been researching about liquid deicers. unfortunately in my area there are no liquid deicing providers and I've been wondering if I can dilute calcium chloride pellets in my turbo turf hydroseeder and then sprayed. Any clues? formulas? etc? Thanks in advance
1-3 of 5 Results