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  1. Networking
    Hello all, not sure if a thread is already available. How is everyone looking this winter so far ? Need work ? Need subs ? Need labor ? Let’s network !!
  2. Employment
    I have a F250 with a 10ft Blizzard ready to go for this weekend. It's looking like we should get hit with 6-18 (I'm hoping for the higher). Looking for some comercial work in Southeast PA, Northeast PA or NJ. Will be available at any point and from the entire storm. I have 5 years experience...
  3. Employment
    I'm in search of some work, residential or commercial, in and around the Lehigh Valley PA Area. Have access to a crew of 5 trucks and 2 v-box salters for larger site's. Looking to lock something in early for next season. Matt Jersey Contracting - 610 216 8115 Ford F250 w/10ft Blizzard
1-3 of 3 Results