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  1. Ice Management
    Hey all, Have you ever skated around your block before ? Yesterday it was freezing rain and covered the city in a entire sheet of ice! Roads and sidewalks were pure ice!! So i took out the skates and went for a quick cruise around the block, haha
  2. Ice Management
    Canadian Pink Ice Melt for Sale in Wisconsin Easy to see and apply, Low melting temps, Works fast, Long lasting, Environmentally Friendly, Pet Safe, Cost effective per application. Bulk or Bagged. Trucking can be arranged. FOB Shipping location Richland...
  3. Ice Management
    I have a customer with a steep driveway that wants to have the driveway pre-treated in the event that sleet/ice is forecast. I have applied granular ice melt in the past and that seems to work ok, however I am looking for other options. What works, what doesn't work?
  4. Ice Management
    I have been in snow removal for years but never on the sand/salt spreading end of it! I purchased a buyer tailgate spreader for $100 with no motor and I am waiting for the motor via UPS. My question is why you cannot run sand through them (or can you)? The manufacture says #1 salt or similar...
1-4 of 7 Results