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  1. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Having a huge issue with my ULTRA. Plugged plow in to find no power to the controller and no power to the headlights. As I traced it back I found a corroded wire on the "A" port. It is black with an orange stripe. It actually feels broken. Could this cause all my issues? If so how do I go...
  2. Commercial Snow Removal
    Hey guys, This is my first post on the site... i think. We are based in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and we are looking to rent 2 or 4 skid steers for the winter months. Rental places are expensive and i had a deal with a local nursery to lease their machines that just fell through. Does...
  3. Residential Snow Removal
    Hello i have purchased a 6 1/2 foot sno way plow recently and i just tryed it out. The left and right cylinders work fine and so does the up position on the up and down cylinder. I cannot get the plow to go down. I do not have the plow mounted on a vehicle yet i just am pushing against the frame...
  4. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Yesterday plowing the 10 in we got my 04 EZ-V kept freezing every once and a while. Would have to get out and run jumper cables to pump from the battery, it would then move so I could get back in the truck and use the controller again and it was fine. Thoughts?
  5. Bidding & Estimating
    This is my first thread and I am looking for some advice on a commercial property bid I have. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I have been approached to bid on three McDonald's Properties all within close range of each other. I do not have the square footage of them but I have over head...
  6. Ford Trucks
    I have a 1999 ford f250 super duty gasoline. Can someone please help me find the air box relocation kit to add dual batteries like the diesel f250. If anyone can send me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Damon PropertyTech, LLC
  7. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I bought a truck that had an E-60 Meyer Plow on it I am not familiar with the Meyer series plows, and there is no close dealer or service up here in northern Michigan. I can do repairs but i am not a hydralic wizard, and I know there are some easy tricks to diagnose problems. My pump motor was...
  8. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    OK, Here's the deal, I've owned a 95 Tahoe 1500 for a lot of years and when the gas went to four bucks I retired her to the driveway where I only use her when I need a heavier vehicle, mainly to move my boats around. Seeing as she's just sitting ther most of the time I've decided to put a plow...
  9. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    How much are the normal bids for residential driveway about two cars and sidewalk w/salt? per visit OR seasonal contract? need some adv:confused::dizzy::waving:
1-9 of 9 Results