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  1. Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures
    This F550 is equipped with a Fisher V-Plow and Magnum aluminum flatbed with gooseneck hitch.
  2. Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures
    Here are a few pics of the jobs I've been doing last week.... We hauled 56 of those mafia blocks... I didnt think they were that heavy, Till on my second last load, I asked the guy at the factory, how much they actually weigh cause they sure seemed heavy... He said a meter of concrete weights...
  3. Heavy Equipment
    I'm looking at buying a chevy kodiak 4500. I was wondering if anyone has or knows if you can install either, a low sided dump bed and have a gooseneck installed under the bed. The hitch ball would have to be removable so the dump bed could be used when i'm not hauling. Option 2 use the regular...
1-3 of 3 Results