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  1. Eureka Fluid Film
    Hi all, I purchased the Pro gun kit and accessories, and a 5 gallon pail of Fluid Film, and didn't know how you have been filling the quart containers? I was thinking I'd like to pump it vs pouring it, but didn't know if a conventional lube pump would work or if there's something that's...
  2. Eureka Fluid Film
    I am looking to purchase at least 5 gallon. Not sure if it comes in a larger. Where or how is the best method to or location to purchase FF ?? We used to undercoat with Z more, it is expensive and cracks.
  3. Eureka Fluid Film
    Hey there guys, Yep, not cool at all... been in and out of the dealership 5 times to remedy a loud clunk in rear of 2014 Silverado 2500HD. They thought it was rear axle bearing and inspected, found it was not the issue. After re- torque 'ing' bolts in rear of truck, still clunking...
  4. Eureka Fluid Film
    Hello Plowsite! My name is James and I work for fluid film. I am looking to re-establish our presence on this forum and be available for any questions. I look forward to interacting with all of you!ussmileyflag
  5. Eureka Fluid Film
    Is there a max voltage for Fluid Film being non conductive? Is it safe to use on 110V/220V AC cords and connections?
  6. Eureka Fluid Film
    :DIs that it is very addictive! :D Maybe it's the smell........ Bought two cans on Thursday. One is gone already. Used some to lubricate my Aluma-Pole staging after sitting all winter. In just a few minutes, the brackets (painted steel) were moving easier, and no squeaking. Today I was...
  7. Eureka Fluid Film
    We keep fluid film in stock at all times, readily available for shipping. We also have this available in 11 3/4 oz aerosol cans, by the gallon, 5 gallon pales, or 55 gallon drums (special order). Fluid film is available in heavier viscosity's for the heaviest of rust problems. In the fifteen...
1-7 of 7 Results