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  1. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hello, My first post, I have a fisher 7.5 MM2 3 plug that I have had for several years. I recently purchased a 2019 Ford F-250 and had a 3 plug setup installed by a Fisher plow dealership. When I connect my plow to the plugs. The right side of the plow/truck headlights operate as normal...
  2. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I have 5 trucks and 5 fisher plows. One of the trucks has a blinking red light on the joystick and not a single command works. Im positive its something about the joystick because when i plug any of my other 4 joysticks they work. It just suddenly stopped working. I checked new joystick is...
  3. Ford Trucks
    Just curious to know if anybody got their plow on the new Ford Super duty 2020 LED's models. I heard that Ford has 2020MY Snowplow connector somewhere around passenger side that can be plugged in for plow headlights and there's no more tapping required into vehicle's headlights. I see fishers...
  4. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    Just got a new truck and switched my plow over at the dealership. When I went to plug in my fish stick (controller) there were no lights on. My plow is not connected and in storage, does the plow need to be hooked up to complete the circuit which will send power lights to my controller?
  5. Truck & Equipment Repair
    hey guys i have a mm2 fisher with a 4 port iso mod on my 2006 dodge. i hooked it all up yesterday and everything worked fine until today. my parking lights(steady yellow) dont work anymore .... turn signals still work as well as headlights. i tried checking all the wires and connections but...
  6. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    I have a fisher fish-stik 8276 control, that I am trying to figure out how. it is supposed to be wired into the pump assembly. It came with my plow. I got the plow second hand they just cut the wires from the controls off and the wires from the pump. I have wires coming from the pump assembly...
  7. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Having issue with fish stick controller . The red on/off button keeps flashing , but the plow it self works fine. Swapped out the fish stick with spare and still get the flashing of the on/off button. I checked the 4 fuses in the plow it self they were all good. Like I said the plow works 100%...
  8. Western Plows Discussion
    hey guys, I have the truck side for a fisher mm2 2 plug, and a 3 plug MVP plus. Is there a converter I can get to swap my truck side to accept the 3 plug Plow or vice versa? Just trying to figure out the best way to put this on (If it's even worth it / possible to do this without buying new)...
  9. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Great condition 9' Fisher Stainless X-blade. Used 3 seasons only, purchased as a left over This is 3- plug from 2015 Ford, includes wiring harness with the exception of the headlight plug(kept that on my truck) Includes Fish Stick hand held controller. $3000 FIRM for it all or trade for Western...
  10. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have 2 Fisher Plow Controller They are the 4 Pin Fleet Flex Both are brand new in the box with the mounting bracket Asking $300 each, shipped through Pay Pal Send me a message if interested
  11. Chevy Trucks
    anyone know if you can put a fisher plow on a 2011 suburban? Have one on my 2003 yukon now. not sure if they can get them on the newer models. Next step is to call the place that put my plow on but figured someone here might know. Thanks
  12. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    I recently hooked up a older fisher plow to my truck. It's a 9ft plow with cables that operate the hydraulic motor. The motor is on the plow frame not under the hood. The issue I have is the plow goes up, down, and right but does not go left. It's not pumping fluid into the right ram I believe...
  13. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    I installed the wire harness and mounts on my 13 2500hd and everything worked as it should except the driver side low beam headlight on the plow hi beam worked fine. When the plow was not on the truck everything worked fine high beams and low beams. I assumed the light bulb burned out on the...
  14. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Fisher minute mount plow works but use affects the lights and radio lights -everything dims. Replaced truck battery (was told it was bad) same issue. Cleaned grounds. Recently added new Fish stik Any other thoughts? No snow yet here, but coming.
  15. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I have a Fisher XLS Plow. The Problem is the plow doesn't work to the controls. I bought it brand new, I have 2 of them. Both plows are using the same controller. So its not the controls its the plow. With the one truck I try the plows and one works perfect scoop, retract wing...
  16. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    Hey, I got a 2012 Toyota Tundra with a 7'6" Fisher SD plow on it. Just wanted to know if I could do a blade swap on it? Is it possible to put a 7.6 HD blade on a SD frame?
  17. Toyota Trucks
    Hey, I got a 2012 Toyota Tundra with a 7'6" fisher SD plow. Just wanted to know if I could throw a HD blade on the SD frame? Has anyone ever done this? Just a blade swap.
  18. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Everything else works on the plow headlights movement but get no markers or no blinkers on the plow. It is a three port iso mod checked the 4 fuses on the plow all are good bulbs are good not sure what it could be.
  19. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    I just bought my first truck that came with a basically brand new MM2 plow that was barely used. The guy who owned it must have taken the 2 shoes off, but I want to have them on. I know which shoe to buy and to buy the linch pin. My question is, is how many shoe spacers should I buy? Should I...
  20. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Does anyone know what tool I can use to remove the drain plug. It's an old Fisher electric over Hydraulic. The fluid I'd filled on the top but the plug is on bottom and I can't figure out how to remove it. I found a manual and it shows drain plug at the bottom right of the reservoir . Manual...
1-20 of 33 Results