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  1. Western Plows Discussion
    Does anyone have a newer wideout wing cutting edge that can confirm the dimensions? Estimating from whats left on mine I think it started out as 9 1/4" tall by 17 1/4" wide. Thanks!
  2. Truck & Equipment Repair
    Hey Folks, Western MVP Plus 9.5, have the factory backdrag edge. Frankly.... its crap. Always jammed with snow etc. I've been to and every other googleable manufacturer but can find nothing aftermarket for the MVP Plus 9.5. Im in Stratford Ontario area, London, Kitchener...
  3. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    :help:I just bought another MM 8.5'. I was told it was a 2002 model and thats it...The plow has no cutting edge. I now need to add a cutting edge.... First off how do i know what series or model blade i have? Then should i go steel carbide or rubber? The majority of my plowing is crusher run...
  4. Fisher Engineering Discussion
    I have called 2 dealers... Both are unsure. Will a steel cutting edge from a 7 1/2 HD plow fit on my 7 1/2 LD plow without modifying the bolt hole pattern or doing any fabrication? Thanks in advance.
  5. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    For sale, Two used, tested, Whelen Edge Ultra 55" light bar. See Photos. Model #10382000, Made in 01/2002 Absolutely no cut wires, all wiring 12 feet long! Low Current Switching type lightbar. Fully self contained. 10 strobes and 4 LED's with take downs and alley lights! No damage, $550 or...
  6. Strobe Lighting
    i can get anyone a cheap excellent condition whelen mini edge cheap. these are not brand new, but factory refurbished. i can get them with work lights, or without, in any length. if you are interested just pm me, and we can talk. i can get the standard whelen mini edge, for around $245 shipped...
1-6 of 6 Results