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  1. Residential Snow Removal
    Is there any difference between these frames? I'd like to purchase a used plow for my 06 duramax but all I see are mounts for 2500HD - assuming gas powered. Thoughts?
  2. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Asking $19,950/OBO Detailed info and pics here: Thanks for looking.
  3. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    Last year I bought a 2000 Silverado 2500 HD gasser with a 8'2" Boss V Plow. The truck runs fine, but I don't have room for two trucks, and needed something to pull our 28' travel trailer in the summer. Long story short I bought an 05 Chevy Silverado 6.6l Duramax with allison transmission...
  4. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I am selling my 01 Duramax. wife says we need a crew cab for our growing family so I am selling it. Truck has 313xxx I drive it daily so miles will increase. Truck has had new injectors and maintained better than NASA maintains the space shuttle..... ok maybe not as much but I have piles of...
  5. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum Call or text for further 574-532-6574
  6. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I removed this from my truck after I bought it used. I have found part number MSC04316 on the wires. According to one site this is an older wiring harness and can be replaced with MSC8001. I have light adapters, battery cables, rocker switch and a few other shorter wires that came off the truck...
  7. Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures
    So me and Grant had a little bet going on to see who would when a truck pull He has a 2004 Superduty 6.0L F350 with 4.10 gears, brand new tires and a ppe tuner set to level 10 I have a 2012 Denali HD duramax with 3.73 gears and h&s tuner set to 150hp above stock Sure enough I won but not by...
  8. Chevy Trucks
    Looks kinda interesting coming here soon... :drinkup:
  9. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Gotta sell, 2003 2500HD Chevy W/Duramax only 179k miles Gray Extended cab short bed never plowed with never salted with. I bought this truck while on active duty in Mississippi about 6 years ago.Mostly road miles between home and work for 5 years. Since I owned it I have had a new...
  10. Chevy Trucks
    Hope this will help some guys... I think its the best thing ever... :drinkup:
  11. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a 2005 Chevy 2500 3/4 ton Duramax Diesel for sale. It's a crew cab short bed with the LT package. It's black in color with tan leather and every option available including steering wheel radio controls, 6 disc cd changer, on star, and a Bose sound system. It has the LLY duramax with...
  12. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a Blizzard 810 Powerplow that i bought new in dec 2009. I was just getting into the snow business, and i didnt have very many accounts at all, but i planned to grow that side of my business so thats why i bought such a nice plow right off the bat. I got out of the Landscaping / Lawn...
  13. Chevy Trucks
    i have an 06 chevy duramax that im getting ready to put a boss 9'2" VXT on. im trying to do as much research as possible before i spend the money. i do not have the plow prep package and im out of warrenty so im just going for it. i have upgraded almost everything on the front end suspension and...
  14. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    Hey everyone. New guy to this site from Northeastern IL. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone here on Ive been plowing for along time now and lm excited to be part of this community. Let it Snow
  15. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    I am in my second year in the landscape management business and have been resonably successful in getting lawn and landscape customers so far. I am going to be getting into plowing this fall and already have about 15 residential driveway accounts. I believe that I will eventually have about 45...
  16. Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures
    Here are a few pics of the jobs I've been doing last week.... We hauled 56 of those mafia blocks... I didnt think they were that heavy, Till on my second last load, I asked the guy at the factory, how much they actually weigh cause they sure seemed heavy... He said a meter of concrete weights...
  17. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    I have a set of brand new Timbrens GMFK25S for the front of a 1999-2009 K2500HD truck. Here is the story. I had these on my 2006 Duramax last few years and when I went to take them out at the end of the plowing season the bushing came out of the rubber. I called up Timbrens (they have a lifetime...
  18. Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum
    Looking for everything I need on the truck side of the game. Truck is a 2006 GMC sierra 2500HD with the duramax if it matters. Plates I need are 7169's I belive. Not sure about the wiring
  19. Introduce Yourself to the Community
    Hi All, I used to plow - got out and now - back in with a few comercial contracts. I have a new Boss 8"2V Ploy mounted to a Dura 2500. I would like to set up some contacts to help (you when you need it and me when I need it). Thanks!tymusictymusictymusic
1-19 of 19 Results