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  1. SnowDogg Snow Plows
    I bought a new F-250 and I decided to put a Snowdogg VXF8.5. There is big dealer in a city 1 hour north ( open during storm ) but a small dealer is 10 miles away. So I hve spent 2 weeks reasearching and reading up here and I decided Snowdogg was gonna be my plow.. I went In to buy, the dealer...
  2. SnowDogg Snow Plows
    Hi -- I'm shopping for a Snowdogg MD68 for my Frontier and got a good quote from Candia Trailers & Snow Equipment in Candia, NH. Anyone ever dealt with them? Good or bad experiences?
  3. Business Fundamentals
    Over the past few weeks there have been several threads with guys grumbling about customers switching to another vendor for a better price. Sometimes the price is significant, sometimes not so much. We all would like to think that the customer is making a huge mistake, the next guy won't to as...
1-3 of 3 Results