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  1. Ice Management
    i have a boss vbx8000 spreader that i use. We were using it primarily for our salt/sand mix for a few of our commercial lots and our private roads. our commercial accounts have asked for salt this year and i have done some checking on different areas but can not get a place that will sell less...
  2. Ice Management
    Kind of desperate right now - our supplier is not selling anymore to commercial guys. Oceanport has salt but only selling to current clients. Had a lead on some salt in Delaware but no word yet. Any thoughts, anyone? Looking for minimum of 25 tons but hoping for at least 50 tons.
  3. Ice Management
    I am going to make my own magic salt and i am trying to build my own spray system i already have a poly tank and i was wondering what/where to get the right pump. I'm in mass but i don't mind shipping if anyone can lead me in the right direction.
  4. Ice Management
    Hey guys, i've got an 08 Dodge and i'm not really happy with how my spreader controls mount up. I dont really want to drill a bunch of holes in the dash (resale value) and i dont want them sitting on the floor either. Soooooooo if anybody's got a good idea and maybe a pic or 2 that would be...
1-4 of 4 Results