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  1. Bidding & Estimating
    Do you price by trying to keep a certain margin %?
  2. Bidding & Estimating
    Hello all, I'm looking for advice on pricing out snow removal for small commercial lots. We are primarily a roofing/construction company but also offer snow removal during the winter. I've figured out a simple cost estimating "formula" and want to see if/how we should tweak it. I've figured a...
  3. Business Fundamentals
    I bought a lawn and landscaping company and now I won a bid for a condo and high rise apartment. The total square ft is 169000. I do not have to do the sidewalks only plowing and salting. I quoted 1 to 4 inches at 500 per and 4 to 8 at 975 salting 425. My question is with my bid I do not know...
  4. Commercial Snow Removal
    Our business is going to offer commercial plowing to our current commercial customers, but we have no idea which plow works BEST for an '08 Dodge Cummins 3500, which we just purchased. Our current snow services are just sidewalk crews and salts, but we really need to add a plow to our truck to...
  5. Business Fundamentals
    For the past 7 years I've had my plowing insurance and general liability through Western World. I have two trucks and do commercial lots. I have never had a claim on anything period. For the first 4 years, the price was $1,500. ($750. per vehicle). The last two years it's been $2,000. ($1,000...
  6. Commercial Snow Removal
    Find out the positives and negatives of using GPS units in your snow removal business, and the 12 questions you must ask yourself! Link to the blog article: Like CrewTracker Software on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at crewtrackersnow
  7. Bidding & Estimating
    Hi, I currently just picked up plowing. i live on the north shore Massachusetts. i was wondering what the average cost was per driveway plowing, and after how much snow do you plow and how it is charged. i was thinking like $35 for 1-2 car driveways and $40 for anything bigger. and i heard you...
1-7 of 7 Results