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  1. Bidding & Estimating
    Hello, We're a commercial snow removal company in the Baltimore, MD market. Handling snow contracts commercially for 12 years. We're considering working with/for the city handling snow removal with our 20 ton trucks. Looking for some advice, pro's, con's, pricing, and any other thoughts that...
  2. Employment
    I had posted something here a couple weeks ago but it disappeared. If this is in the wrong area, please let me know I've heard from a friend who is an employee at Sams Club Batavia that the contract with it's current snow plow/landscape contractor is expiring at the end of this month. It's...
  3. Truck & Equipment Repair
    I was redoing my 7 pin trailer hookup today. The pins were all corroded - think the salt has anything to do with that?:dizzy: Anyhow, she drank the last Diet Coke, and we didn't have any vinegar. And I was definitely not going to use my last half of a Moxie. So I looked around under the sink...
1-3 of 3 Results